Services for pharmacies

Our partnerships with independent pharmacists are at the heart of what we do at Alliance Healthcare.

Alliance Healthcare Deutschland supports pharmacists through reliable supplies, efficient marketing and customer loyalty tools, attractive healthcare products, measures for process optimisation as well as comprehensive information, co-operation and continuing education offerings.


The wholesale trade reduces the expenditure for pharmacists through its bundling function, and secures significant relief in all processes of goods logistics with its comprehensive service offering:

  • Procurement: Through the optimisation of the process chain – orders from pharmaceutical manufacturers, transport and warehousing – and the development of a supplier information system, a quick replacement time of products is guaranteed.
  • Warehousing: With a total of over 120,000* available SKUs nationwide, Alliance Healthcare Deutschland acts as an "external depot" for the pharmacy, so that less working capital is tied up for the pharmacy.
  • Order taking: Fully automatic registration and screening of orders transmitted by the pharmacy, delivery guarantee and/or information on defects and customer information – the pharmacy receives a binding delivery guarantee online within seconds.
  • Delivery: The transport company AS Logistik GmbH, a subsidiary of Alliance Healthcare Deutschland, supplies pharmacies nationwide on time and on demand – during day and night, six days a week. The warehouse throughput time does not exceed 25* minutes; as a rule the delivery is made within two hours after an order is received.
  • Returns: The processing and posting of goods returns from pharmacies, as well as the handling of medicines recalled by industry. The terms and conditions of returns can be structured individually.


Marketing and consulting services for an optimum positioning in local competition

1. Increase in sell-out

With target marketing by Alliance Healthcare Deutschland, the pharmacist can place the right focus on his offering and competencies:

  • Sales promotion programme Sales and More (SAM)

2. Increase in customer frequency

With an attractive product portfolio in the Rx-, OTC and self-selection area as well as the innovative customer loyalty tools of Alliance Healthcare Deutschland, pharmacists can always surprise end users with new top brands and service ideas:

  • Informed about the latest health and cosmetics trends, the pharmacists can position themselves as holistic health consultants vis a vis their customers
  • Possibility to tap into new earnings potential with the international brands from Walgreens  Boots Alliance, such as the medical devices from alvita®.
  • Bonus programme for pharmacy customers


3. Development of new business segments and locations

As a result of the changes within the pharmacy market, new opportunities are available for the independent pharmacist to expand his business and he is able to benefit from the vast experience and competency of Alliance Healthcare Deutschland:

  • Support the further development of existing locations
  • Help with the development and implementation of pharmacists' chain store strategy
  • Advise on whether the setting up of a web shop makes sense


4. Optimising processes – increasing efficiencies

Putting in place rebate contracts between the sickness funds and manufacturers involves a higher administrative expenditure within a pharmacy. It is not only process costs involved in sourcing and picking increase but it makes the portfolio and stocks more complex. At the same time consumers may make higher demands on service quality. The pharmacist can effectively meet these developments by optimising his processes and procedures:

  • optiL, an unique programme which combines all the relevant factors of the stock of goods and improves the delivery capacity of the pharmacy as a whole
  • customer service section of Alliance Healthcare Deutschland on
  • customised process optimisation through consultants from Alliance Healthcare Deutschland serving individual needs of the pharmacists


5. Strengthening own competencies

With the additional training measures and the information management of Alliance Healthcare Deutschland, pharmacy managers are always kept up-to-date on strategic, business administration and technical issues:

  • Telephone customer service
  • In-house training
  • Full portfolio of up-to-date and practical specialist information


Pharmacy co-operation network Alphega Apotheken

Alphega Pharmacy is a leading European network of independent pharmacists, whose aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of communities by delivering a future vision for independent community pharmacy.

Since its initial launch in 2001, Alphega Pharmacy has grown to support more than 6,000* independent pharmacy members across nine countries – the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Turkey and Romania.

With the full support of Alliance Healthcare, which is part of the Pharmaceutical Wholesale Division of Walgreens Boots Alliance, the first global pharmacy-led, health and wellbeing enterprise in the world, Alphega Pharmacy members reap the benefits of belonging to a European network of pharmacists. At the same time, they retain their independence - a key consideration for many independent pharmacists.

Alphega Apotheken is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alliance Healthcare Deutschland.

* As at 31 October 2016 (without subsequent adjustment for business acquisitions or dispositions), including equity method investments.