Services for industry

Integrated services along the value chain

Alliance Healthcare Deutschland offers manufacturers integrated services for market entry, distribution as well as marketing, sales and commercialisation of health, cosmetics and beauty products through its subsidiaries. This can range from individual solutions to full outsourcing. As a result of the efficient combination of the manufacturer services, Alliance Healthcare Deutschland can increase the sales volume of products. Central project management saves time and costs and contributes towards the economic success of the manufacturers.

Logistics services

The integrated services offered by Alliance Healthcare Deutschland AG start with distribution. The business unit pharmaceutical wholesale trade acts as an efficient hub between manufacturers and pharmacies and supports the pharmaceutical industry in all logistics processes – from planning via collection of the orders to return settlement.

  • Subsidiary CPL Pharma Lager und Vertrieb GmbH simplifies the complex logistics processes of its customers with tailored concepts, and hence increases the quality and efficiency of the supply chain.
  • The business unit pharmaceutical wholesale trade of Alliance Healthcare Deutschland has the densest delivery network of all German pharmaceutical wholesalers with 25* wholesale distribution centres.

Innovative distribution and marketing models

Building on its logistics services, Alliance Healthcare Deutschland supports the sell-out of the distributed products through comprehensive marketing services:

  • the pharmacy network Alphega Apotheke offers the pharmaceutical industry a growing and particularly attractive marketing platform with around 1700* member pharmacies (transitional period to Alphega)
  • novel offerings developed within the Group and in co-operation with pharmacies
  • Skills in Healthcare promotes both the sell-in into the pharmacy and the sell-out to the end customers of medicines and healthcare products
  • GESDAT Gesellschaft für Informationsmanagement mbH offers data evaluation, processing and analysis
  • Concepts such as Sales and More (SAM) support pharmacists in sell-out promotions

Developing international markets with Alliance Healthcare

As a leading healthcare service provider within the German pharmacy market and as a member of Walgreens Boots Alliance, a leading global pharmacy-led, health and wellbeing enterprise in the world, Alliance Healthcare Deutschland supports pharmaceutical manufacturers in accessing markets outside of Germany and hence offers them new development opportunities.

* Figures are approximations as at 31 October 2016.